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Corbin Intermediate School 2013-2014

by Bill Jones on 09/16/13

Corbin Intermediate School (CIS) is home to students in grades 5 and 6 within the Corbin Independent School District. Our vision of “Striving to be our Best” guides the decisions we make. CIS is committed to providing a quality education with high expectations that will enable all students to learn behavior and academic lessons that will guide them through life. We firmly believe that all children can learn and students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process in a caring and inviting environment. We constantly reinforce our Guidelines for Success:

• Patience and tolerance for others
• Always do your best
• Work responsibly with a positive attitude
• Show respect to everyone including yourself

Our approach to education is quite simple. We try to take students from where they are and move them up the ladder of growth. We believe if you are paying attention to growth and doing the things that are necessary for student growth; then you are ultimately doing what is best for children. Every decision we make at CIS is based on this premise.

We utilize Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing three times per year to give us detailed, accurate information about where each child is on his/her learning journey. This data guides our decision making at every level as we attempt to provide activities that are targeted to the learning level of each student.

In a world that has gone testing crazy we attempt to put testing in its rightful place. Our emphasis is to use this data to give us the detailed information we need to help every student grow and reach their full academic potential.

Another important aspect of CIS is the emphasis we place on the social, emotional and character development of our students. In addition to classroom activities, we begin each day with a Morning Meeting in our gym with our entire student body and staff. We recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Guidelines for Success, and have a morning message delivered by an administrator, staff member or invited guest. This is an important time during our school day when students and staff share announcements, accomplishments and focus on building a positive school culture by promoting positive character traits and the pursuit of excellence.

In closing, Corbin Intermediate School is a dynamic learning environment with a dedicated faculty striving to facilitate every child’s academic and personal excellence. We invite you to get involved in this pursuit of excellence by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our school website.

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Principal's Blog
Bill Jones
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