State of the School Address - 2013 : A Message from your Principal
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State of the School Address - 2013

by Bill Jones on 02/04/13


 Now is the time to dream big! We are 13 years into the 21st Century and nationally we are sill talking about preparing students for the 21st Century. If education hasn’t made the transition by now, we have lost a whole generation and almost half of another.  Corbin Intermediate School is no place for small dreams.

 Technology is changing our world so quickly that those who are dreaming small are already left behind. We are bold and audacious in our goals at CIS. We are not looking back; we are casting our vision forward. With the help of technology, it is now possible to develop a personalized learning plan for every student. This is the most effective way to reach all students where they are. But it takes dedicated educators along with a commitment of resources to develop and implement the learning plans of every student.

 These learning plans can be accomplished with cooperation. Students must be allowed to learn and grow in a community of their peers. Learning to interact with everyone regardless of academic, economic or other perceived status is a vital part of a student’s social education. The question is how do we provide all of this in our school? This requires big dreams!

 Here is a list of my big dreams for our school:

1.      Project Based Learning (PBL) – I want to see our students engaged in more projects where they have opportunities to create and become innovators. I dream of a PBL Showcase each 9 weeks (similar to our Chinese Showcase we had this year or our Mars Rover Project).

 2..      Use of Student Interactive Notebooks - enable students to be creative, independent thinkers and writers. Interactive notebooks are used for class notes as well as for other activities where the student will be asked to express his/her own ideas and process the information presented in class.

3.      Performing Arts – I want to see every student involved in either one or all of the arts:  art, music, dance or drama.

 a.       I dream of a day when CIS students write and produce dramatic productions, perform musicals, showcase a variety of artwork, perform a ballet, etc.

 b.      I dream of a day when our school is turned into a museum of artwork

4.      Laptops for every student – To truly personalize learning for every student, each student must have access to the quality online programs we have available 24/7.

 5.      Foreign Language – I dream of a day when every student and staff member at CIS is bilingual. I dream for our district that this could begin in primary school and progress from grade-to-grade.

6.      Project Fit America – I dream of a day when all of our students can complete the Project Fit America Challenges and become Presidential Physical Fitness award winners.

7.      Writing – I dream of a day when our students become proficient journalist, authors, bloggers, etc.

 8.      Full service schools – I dream of a day where our school is the hub of community support, i.e. mental health, physical health, social services, etc. all working together with the school to provide the resources needed to produce well-rounded citizens.

  I invite you to dream big with me.


































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